Hear the story and the heart behind Artisan Obscura, and how they leverage their partnership with Mile High WorkShop

Our experience with the employees at Mile High WorkShop has been top notch. Coming up on a year partnership and we’ve never had any employee rollover, nor quality or production issues. Every task we bring to the table is met with eagerness to learn and execute. I can’t say enough about MHW and the team who specifically contributes to the ongoing success of Artisan Obscura, we don’t plan on going anywhere.
— Steven Stanton, Artisan Obscura

Chris' Story

In His Own Words

The Mile High WorkShop allowed me to hit the reset button. I hadn’t worked in months, I was homeless, but I was hopeful. After completing a job readiness course to keep my skills sharp, I was told about an open position with the WorkShop.

As Sales Supervisor, I was given more responsibility, faith and trust on day one than I was given with any other job I have ever had. I had a corporate credit card, van and office keys, a cell phone, and more autonomy than I was expecting. My boss treated me more like a collaborator and partner than a subordinate. The WorkShop exposed me to other sides of running a business that only upper management would typically be privy to.

I am grateful to the Mile High WorkShop for the opportunity to hone my skills in customer service, accounting, and organization. I am honored to have been the first paid employee with the WorkShop and am proud to continue to be affiliated with the organization. I now have a full-time job with benefits and am grateful to the Mile High WorkShop for supporting me along the way. 

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