Banner repurposing

UpCycle marketing banners for the good of the planet and our communities.

The Mile High WorkShop's banner repurposing department works to both keep old marketing banners out of the landfill and create job-training opportunities in one innovative process. Retired billboards, banners and other marketing products make durable and unique items that last a long time and help create a more sustainable product lifecycle.

The Process

  • Fill out the interest form and we'll help you figure out how much product you can get from your banners.

  • Mail or drop off your banners to our shop in Aurora, Colorado.

  • Our team will chop them up and recycle your banners into awesome new products.

  • Pick your new stuff up or we'll ship it back to you - enjoy!

Your Banners, Our Designs:

Banner FAQ's

  • How much does it cost?
    Your total cost will potentially include the price of shipping both ways plus a "per item" charge for each product we're able to create from your banner. Every item is priced a little differently, but you can expect to pay $13-20 for each finished piece. We do offer volume discounts for quantities over 50 of any single item.

  • What's the turn around time for my order?
    Once all of your materials have been received, the order will typically be ready for pickup or shipping in 3-4 weeks. It may be a little quicker or slower depending on shop capacity, please email us if you're curious about current lead times.

  • How many products can I expect to get out of my banner?
    This is a little tricky to answer due to the variety in banners and product requirements. Generally speaking, most products require 2-7 square feet to craft one item. You can use the formula length (in ft) x width (in ft) = total square feet to get an estimate of how much banner you have. Keep in mind that not all area of a banner might be usable - grommets, vents, etc. may reduce the amount of functional materials available. This should at least help you get an idea of how many cool new items you'll be able to get from your materials!

For the Good of People and Planet