Banner repurposing

UpCycle marketing banners for the good of the planet and our communities.

The Mile High WorkShop's banner repurposing department works to both keep old marketing banners out of the landfill and create job-training opportunities in one innovative process. Retired billboards, banners and other marketing products make durable and unique items that last a long time and help create a more sustainable product lifecycle.

Your Banners, Our Designs:

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Overview of the banner product Process

  • STEP 1 — Measure your banner material. You’ll need to know the total square footage you’re working with. The math is pretty simple: Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) = Total Square Feet. Keep in mind that area with grommets, velcro, vent holes or other variables won’t be usable.

  • STEP 2 — Review Product Gallery and Select Product. Take a look at our products using the gallery below and choose your favorite. You can also download our Banner Product PDF for additional info, including pricing.

  • STEP 3 — Use Product Calculator. Using the calculator below, enter your total material square footage and desired product. The calculator will give you an estimate for total quantity we can produce for you!

  • STEP 4 — Complete Interest Form. Once you have all the info from the first 3 steps, send it our way using the form below.

  • STEP 5 — Receive Quote and Timeline Projections. Once we have all your info, we’ll reply with a quote that details total project pricing, quantities and production timeline estimate.

  • STEP 6 — Confirm Quote and Finalize Order. If it all looks good to you, approve the quote and we’ll get you in the production pipeline.

  • STEP 7 — Ship Materials to WorkShop. If necessary clean your banners. Excessively dirty banners will need to be cleaned by our team at a rate of $30/hr. Ship banners or drop off if you’re in the area. Banner shipments should be sent to: Mile High WorkShop, Attn: Irma Reyes, 13280 E Mississippi Ave. Aurora, CO 80012. Freight shipments should be scheduled Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm. Please note, we don’t include pricing or cover the cost of shipping materials or finished products to our from the shop.

  • STEP 8 — WorkShop Receives and Processes Materials. We’ll cut your banners up and turn them into beautiful new products.

  • STEP 9 — WorkShop Ships Finished Goods. We’ll let you know the order is done and help arrange shipment of your sweet new banner products.

  • STEP 10 — Receive and Enjoy. Repeat. You’ll love your new products so much that we’ll look forward to hearing from you again soon to reorder!

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For the Good of People and Planet