Mile High WorkShop has many capabilities within the Wood Shop. We can provide partial or complete processing of many production items in both solid wood and panel materials.

Consider using our laser etching capabilities to add branding to your product. We can etch in wood with dimensions up to 12"x18".


Our shop is well equipped with table saws, miter saws, jointers, planer, drill presses, bandsaw, thickness sander, oscillating spindle sander, stationary belt and disc sander, lathe, router tables; as well as handheld routers, orbital sanders, drills, track saw, and numerous work and assembly benches. We are interested in most job opportunities which include these two components:

  • Will the product provide good opportunities for employee training in specific woodworking skills within our capabilities?

  • Can we generate enough revenue from the products produced to sustain our hiring and training model?

Shop Rates

Wood Shop fees for production runs we agree to take on will be quoted at the shop rate of $38 per hour. For most products, there is a minimum quantity of 50 pieces required per production run.

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