Creating Transformational
Employment Opportunities

Our Mission

Our mission is to create employment opportunities and provide job training for members of our community seeking to rebuild from addictions, homelessness, and incarceration. 

our vision

We envision a more prosperous city where barriers to employment are eliminated and every member of the community is empowered with dignity through meaningful work.

our values

Our values are structured around the idea of GRACE, which is a concept that we believe carries the dignifying and redemptive qualities we seek to exude in our work.

Growing Everyday: We are diligent in becoming the best version of ourselves
Responsible to Each Other: We succeed as a team and continually strive to build trust
Acting with Integrity: We are honest and reliable in our interactions
Community of Peace: We cultivate a love-filled space with compassion and respect for all
Excellence in Our Work: Whether with people or products, we seek quality outcomes

I didn’t know what I was going to do. Without something like Mile High WorkShop, I don’t know where I would be. I’m learning a new skill, and I can move on. It’s helped us a great deal. I love it.
— Sharla, WorkShop employee

our history

Originally conceived in 2014 as a program of Mile High Ministries, our first year saw us launch and build a variety of our own social enterprises to create jobs in our community. We delivered water, made soap, catered events and even made dog beds. We learned a lot, but ultimately chose scrap those ideas.

Today the answer to our original question, “how can we have the greatest impact through employment for marginalized jobseekers in our community?” looks a bit different.

We believe the best approach to creating the greatest number of jobs is through focusing on one part of the supply chain - manufacturing. A small business seeking to scale may not be ready to hire a full-time employee or a larger business may need to supplement in-house production. That is where the Mile High WorkShop comes in. Instead of asking "what can we build?", we're now more interested in "who can we collaborate with?". In our eyes, it's the definition of a win / win / win scenario.

We are a place in the city to equip, connect and inspire small business for the enrichment of the community. The reimagined Mile High WorkShop opened its doors in May 2015. We focus on supporting production-based businesses that need increased production capacity and are inspired by our social mission to create jobs for the underemployed.

We moved our shop in October 2016 and currently work out of 16,000 square feet in a building shared with fellow job-training program, Bud's Warehouse.

In January 2019, we took a big step and transitioned into our own 501c3 organization!