The Mile High WorkShop Wood Shop makes tables for a multitude of uses including occasional tables for Living Rooms, Dining Tables, and tables for use as desks, and more. WorkShop tables are crafted in a variety of woods and sizes to suit every taste. 

Our tables are truly “heirloom” quality and are designed and built for decades of daily use with proper care. As such, they are not designed or built to compete with mass produced, cheaply veneered tables which are particle board “at heart.” 

For size, pricing and ordering info, please email Wood Shop Director, Jim Simon or fill out our interest form:

All of our tables are made incorporating traditional joinery techniques, including mortise and tenon, doweling, and carefully designed top attachment methods which allow for solid wood expansion and contraction with seasonal humidity changes. Our tables are finished with a sealer coat of Teak Oil which is allowed to dry for 72 hours, followed by three coats of hand applied oil based satin polyurethane for long lasting durability. 

WorkShop Tables are customizable but generally come in one of these designs: