Farmhouse Style Trestle Dining Table

Farmhouse Style Trestle Dining Table

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Mile High WorkShop makes tables in a variety of design series. We name our series’ designs after recent graduates of the Wood Shop Program. Our first series to launch is “The Glenn” series to honor our recent Wood Shop graduate, Glenn Fritts. 

“Glenn” series tables are based on Farmhouse styling. They feature solid wood trestle bases supporting solid wood tops. The thickness of materials used for bases and tops varies based on the overall sizes of the tables. All of the Glenn series tables are constructed using traditional mortise and tenon and dowel joinery to construct the bases and tops. All solid wood tops are attached to bases using wood screws through slotted cleats which allow for the natural expansion and contraction of solid wood tops.

Wood Species:
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We have a range of standard sizes within various table categories. These sizes merely represent some conventional standards. We will make custom sizes on request within certain limitations of practicality and they will be priced based on material costs and labor to build. 

Please Note: We will NOT stain wood. We believe in allowing woods to be their natural color. All of our finishes only bring out and protect the natural colors in a given wood specie.

Generally speaking, wood species we offer fall in color spectrum from Light to Dark as follows:

White Oak- light warm tones; golden

Ambrosia Maple- lighter warm tones including pinks and pale blues with natural worm holes formed by Ambrosia beetles.

Cherry- a premium domestic hardwood with medium warm tones of pinkish / red which age to deep warm browns over time.

Walnut- a premium domestic hardwood which varies from light chocolate to deeper espresso colors.

All tables are “made to order.” We can make custom sizes by request and by special quote. Custom designed tables will be considered on the basis of our Wood Shop capabilities to produce the desired design. Design service for custom tables is by special quote. We may consider tables made in other wood species beyond the four we offer as standards. Special requests for other wood species will be approved only when we have access to quality lumber which is deemed suitable for table construction.

Lead times for our tables will be quoted at the time of order placement depending on our current backlog of scheduled work. All tables require a 50% deposit to be paid at the time of order placement. The balance is due upon delivery of the finished product.

We are not currently able to ship tables.