We love it when others tell the story of the hard work happening at the shop. Whether it's focused on the WorkShop business model, our determined crew or another angle, we're always happy to provide one example of how social enterprise impacts the community. 

Story by Isaac Blancas The NOW, Denver Channel 7 - December 30, 2016.

9News Story from September 12, 2016

9News Story from September 12, 2016

REDF MADE Video Series Feature - Spring 2016

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Tagline: "Rebuilding Lives Through Jobs"

Overview: "The Mile High WorkShop is an employment and job training program for those facing barriers to work through the production of handmade goods. The WorkShop provides contract manufacturing services in cut & sew, woodworking, laser etching/cutting, handmade assembly, and packaging/fulfillment services, in order to employ men and women rebuilding from homelessness, addictions, and incarceration"