Our partners are integral to the success of the Mile High WorkShop and the people we serve.

“The impact of our partnership with the WorkShop has resonated through every part of our business. The support has been beyond expectation, and we’re incredibly happy to be growing our business while simultaneously contributing to a social cause”
— Keith Whittier, Old Wood Soul
“Working with the team at Mile High WorkShop has been a wonderful experience. Everyone here is both personable and professional. The positive impact is unlimited when working with this fantastic group!”
— Kerrin Pogozelski, JAK Designs
“One of Artisan Obscura’s initial challenges was our need to scale. Mile High WorkShop was the absolute right solution for us. By sourcing our production and order fulfillment, we can focus on growing our market, product lines and overall brand.”
— Steve Stanton, Artisan Obscura
“Working with Mile High WorkShop has been the highlight of our year. It has not only been a joy to spend time with the wonderful people there, but it will also be the catalyst that allows our business to reach the next level.”
— Darcie Nicholson, Go Rings

Become a Partner

If you would like more information on how to partner with us, please fill out the Production Partnership Inquiry Form, and one of our staff members will get back to you. Thank you.