Manufacturing Services


The Mile High WorkShop loves making stuff and we’d love to make your stuff. Our manufacturing services generally fall on the simpler side of production activities and are designed to partner with businesses that have ongoing needs. We don’t do much in the areas of product design or sampling.

We’re always excited to explore new manufacturing opportunities, here are some of our existing capabilities:

Basic Woodworking: We have a wood production area stocked with the essentials. Examples of good wood-based projects are any production-style project that has repeatable cuts, basic sanding and high volume. Kitting projects, prep work and finish work have all been areas where we’ve excelled.

Basic Sewing: We can cut and sew straight lines really, really well! Pillows, banner bags and apparel patches are a few examples of great fits that use sewing equipment.

Handmade Production: Maybe your product doesn’t need much equipment but just some screwdrivers, glue, tape or other adhesives. We have lots of experiences pouring candles, assembling pillows, building retail packaging solutions, assembling electrical components and other unique light-manufacturing activities.

Custom Manufacturing: We’re really proud of an innovative production partnership we have with Golden-based CoorsTek. This project has us manufacturing industrial ceramics using a press and kiln which were provided by CoorsTek. We love exploring new, interesting production opportunities like this one! Watch a local news clip on the partnership on our press page.

Storage: Need a place to keep your stuff? We can hold your inventory until it’s time to pack it up and ship it out. We have experience breaking down pallets into individual shipments or managing whole-skid freight shipments.

Inventory Management: Let us receive and manage all of your inventory. We’ll offload the truck, rack your goods and keep track of it while it’s at the shop.

Obviously, prices vary and and will be negotiated on a case by case basis. Contact us today to explore opportunities together, check out our FAQ page or keep clicking to find out more about us.