Laser Etching and cutting

The Mile High WorkShop laser engraving department has created camera accessories, branding tags, business cards, ornaments, coasters, and custom glassware, among other things. Inquire to find out if your product will be a good fit.


Our 12"x18" Epilog Laser can engrave and cut into nearly any material except metals. We have etched and/or cut into wood, glass, leather, acrylic, rubber, vinyl, and concrete!


Before beginning production, clients must provide designs in a vector format, along with all materials.

In order to develop a quote, we will conduct a time-study based on a 10-unit sample run. There is an on-boarding setup fee for all new products to cover document and machine prep.

Sample Run On-Boarding: $50
Etching/Cutting Fees: Rates will be quoted per-piece, based on the sample run time study. The hourly machine rate breaks down to $60/hr.

Contact us today to get started on a project together!