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Chris' Story

In His Own Words

The Mile High WorkShop allowed me to hit the reset button. I hadn’t worked in months, I was homeless, but I was hopeful. After completing a job readiness course to keep my skills sharp, I was told about an open position with the WorkShop.

As Sales Supervisor, I was given more responsibility, faith and trust on day one than I was given with any other job I have ever had. I had a corporate credit card, van and office keys, a cell phone, and more autonomy than I was expecting. My boss treated me more like a collaborator and partner than a subordinate. The WorkShop exposed me to other sides of running a business that only upper management would typically be privy to.

I am grateful to the Mile High WorkShop for the opportunity to hone my skills in customer service, accounting, and organization. I am honored to have been the first paid employee with the WorkShop and am proud to continue to be affiliated with the organization. I now have a full-time job with benefits and am grateful to the Mile High WorkShop for supporting me along the way.