Mile High WorkShop produces a wide array of items - handbags, pillows, accessories, fabric packaging, and more. Inquire to find out if you product will be a good fit.

We offer the following services in our Cut & Sew department: pattern making, sampling/prototyping, material sourcing, cutting, production sewing, and tagging/finishing.

We cannot give an exact quote without first sewing at least 10 samples, which will allow us to conduct a time-study and determine a piece-rate.

Capabilities & Equipment:

Cutting: 10'x8' cutting table, 8" vertical industrial cutter, strap cutter.
Sewing: walking foots, 4 and 5 thread sergers, drop needle-needle feeds, cover-stitch.

Policies & Rates:

Before beginning production, clients must provide specification sheets, cutting patterns (if needed), and a sample, along with all materials and any special tools needed.

  • We offer prototyping, pattern making, spec sheet development, and material sourcing services, if needed.

Prototyping and pattern making rates are quoted at $50 per hour.

Depending on product size and the product’s complexity, we will require a Sample Run process (typically after prototyping) producing some quantity (up to 10 pieces) to determine our actual production cost to quote to you. The Sample Run is also quoted based on a $50 per hour rate.

Sew Shop fees for production runs we agree to take on will be quoted at the shop rate of $30 per hour. For most products, there is a minimum quantity of 50 pieces required per production run. Orders under 50 will be run at sample rates of $50/ hr.

Cutting Rates: $50/hour billed at 30-minute increments with a 1-hour minimum.

Sewing Rates: Rates will be quoted per-piece based on the sample run time study. The hourly rate breaks down as follows, but will be expressed as a "per unit" price:

Orders under 50 units: $50/hr
Orders of 50+ units: $30/hr


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