Work Friends: Spring Back Colorado

The Denver area has so many incredible organizations doing great work! We want to introduce them to you here so stay tuned and we'll take you on a tour of some of the fine folks we work with around town.

First up is Spring Back Colorado

Spring Back has been around the Denver area since 2012. The social enterprise recycles mattresses and uses the activity to create job opportunities for men who are in transition. As you might imagine, the work is hard and dirty, but you'll never show up at Spring Back and not be warmly welcomed. These guys are keeping literally tons of waste out of the landfill and seem to be enjoying themselves doing it.

Spring Back is managed by Chris Conway, who is as kind and authentic as they come. If you have an old mattress you need to get rid of, give Chris and the guys at Spring Back a call and you'll feel good knowing you're helping the environment and creating a positive impact in the community.

Free Screening: Untouchable

Did you know that people with sex offenses reoffend at rates significantly lower than the general corrections population? If they do commit a new crime it will most likely not be a sexual or violent crime. Most studies put the S.O. recidivism rate in the single digits compared to Colorado’s general recidivism rate of around 50%.

Punishment for sexual offenses is painted with a broad brush and is often life-long. Offenders often have to manage polygraphs; drug tests; a variety of therapy groups; overworked parole officers; crowded halfway houses; unreasonable schedule requirements; limited access to technology; and other sky-high hurdles. Add this all up and life can genuinely feel unlivable for many people.

The craziest thing about it all is that every piece of research and evidence suggests the vast majority of these draconian systems not only don’t work, but they often actually lead to higher rates of recidivism.

Join us for an insightful evening learning more about the ecosystem of sexual offenses in our criminal justice system and communities.

We're excited to host a free screening of the film Untouchable at the shop on Thursday, July 19 at 6:30pm. This compelling documentary focuses on some of the reentry challenges we regularly see in our work. We're excited to share this opportunity with our friends and hope you'll be able to attend!