Mile High WorkShop specializes in preparatory work and other simple woodworking projects. We can take care of your cut list, sanding, staining, and more. Inquire to find out if your product will be a good fit. We have produced wooden packaging, wall art, frames, and a variety of accessories.

Consider using our laser etching capabilities to add branding to your product. We can etch in wood with dimensions up to 12"x18".

Currently, our lead time on orders is 2-3 weeks.


Equipment List: chop saw, table saw, bandsaw, circular saw, drill press, routing table, rotary sanders, belt sander, planer, lathe replicator, wood burning torch.


Before beginning production, clients must provide specification sheets and a sample, along with all materials and any special tools needed.

  • We offer prototyping, spec sheet development, and material sourcing services, if needed.

In order to develop a quote, we will conduct a time-study based on a 10-piece sample run. There is an on-boarding setup fee for all new projects to cover setup time for prepping the shop.

Sample Run On-Boarding: $50
Woodshop Fees: Rates will be quoted per-piece, based on the sample run time study. The hourly shop rate breaks down to $30/hr.

Design/Prototyping/Spec Sheet Development/Material Sourcing: $50/hr